He stole my magic wand

For context: my partner and I don’t live together.

A couple days ago I paid roughly 170$ at a toy store and treated myself to a couple decent toys. One was a fairly powerful magic wand that you plug into the wall. I had brought it all over to his place still in the bag afterwards so we could try a few things out together. Afterwards we were just chatting and I showed him the magic wand I got for myself for home. They somewhat confuse him but he doesn’t have much understand of what a clit is anyway. He doesn’t understand how it could really be used during sex due to the size but I intended for alone play anyway. He said he use to have one but it was bigger and meant for muscles. I told him I honestly sometimes used my old one for my back occasionally as well. He then asked me to see if it could get the knot out of his back real quick. I wanted to see how powerful it was, it was brand new and he got me off during sex before this with a different toy so I decided why not. I’d be nice. I used a fairly low setting on his back for awhile and afterwards he told me I should just leave it at his apartment because it seemed to do the trick 🙄 it’s been a few days and i still haven’t got it back. Do I just sneak it out in my bag eventually or straight up ask for my wand back? 😂 I haven’t even got to use it yet and i paid like 60$ for that thing.