Any advice on my chart would be helpful


So as you can see I had some spotting around what I thought was ovulation and cramping to go with it, then decided heck maybe it was a period. It was dark spotting and one day I had more spotting on pad and was dark and gross but not a lot at all. Lightest I have ever had. Left it as spotting and then I thought I maybe had a positive opks on cd 28 so we inseminated again. I just have never had my cycle not start on day 32/33. The spotting has thrown me off and I’m still currently night breast feeding my 1 year old daughter. I have been having lower back cramps and weird AF type cramps and sore nipples and nothing and it’s been going on about 6 days of that My charts have always had more accurate temps and this is my 3/4 period since my baby was born. Any insight please.