Please help can’t get doctors appointment I’m lost and need insight


had a peak ovulation test both on the 13th and again on the 18. So no idea when I actually ovulated. I have been bleeding/ spotting the last 4 days. Only

Had one full week from when my

Period ended to this starting. My period is usually regular and it is very abnormal if this is my period because it’s a week early. Usually my periods are very heavy. What I am experiencing is intermittent bleeding. Started brown. Moved to pink. Now some reddish pink kinda deal. But still not a steady flow. Which is abnormal. First two days I had this bleeding i had sore breasts. And now my lower belly and pelvis is tender and extremely swollen and uncomfortable. Still testing negative. Does anyone have any insight. Or advise. I feel insane and my doctor won’t see me until I test positive which is insane to me. Im anxious and scared and everything I read online says ask your doctor and I can’t. Damn this COVID.

But just looking to see if anyone has and similar experience with the issues I’m having. I’m so uncomfortable.