Faint positive tests


Hi you guys, so I’m a little worried, Based on my period I’m 5 weeks 4 days and every test I have been taking all have been light faint lines. I’ve had a blighted ovum before, but even with that, my test was super dark and ofc with my boys, I had dark lines..but this pregnancy I have every last symptom except vomiting and no dark lines..no pain, and light cramping, every now and then. I could be early but it shouldn’t be no more than a day or two..anybody else went through this, where the hcg takes a little longer to show up? With my first son I tested with him around 6 weeks 3 days and with my second son I got a BFP two days before my missed period, so maybe this one just needs a little more time, I hope 🤞🏽..I have an appointment for a ultrasound November 20.