Relationship advice


So my bf has 2 kids, his baby mama has them primarily, and we’ve been together for a year. I am a SW and was way before we were together, and my bf is constantly putting me down telling me to get a real job and then turns around and says to make some money so we can go do a certain thing and then complains i’m on my phone like ??? on top of that, i do most of the child care when his kids are here and that’s not an issue except for the fact that i’m constantly being belittled and told that i don’t do anything but sit in bed and sleep all day and that he goes to work 8 hours and shit but that’s not my fault he has to go work 8 hours ??? and i constantly help out by watching the kids so he can sleep and i’ve paid his phone bill a couple times & buy him little things all the time again not an issue, but then anytime i ask or even want anything he’s broke and can’t or doesn’t wanna spend money on that because he thinks it’s stupid, and i’m just not sure what to do anymore. I make enough to support myself without him, and if i bring that up he tries to say i can’t smoke out of his rig and to get my own and shit and it’s super frustrating. i could go on but i can’t think anymore. OH not to mention he gaslights the f**k out of me daily and then when i can’t remember things he’s mad like bruh i’m in a constant state of stress.