My friend needs HELP!!!!

TW: abortion and mention of suicide.

Okay so If you don’t want to see the topic of abortion please leave. This isn’t to debate, this is about my friend who I’m genuinely scared for.

She found out she was pregnant, but she felt horrendous guilt about wanting an abortion. she wasn’t mentally well based on the stuff she was telling me and even told me that she felt like if she had the abortion she would kill her self.

I have a lot of friends who’ve had abortions, who I was present for and talked to a lot about it. Their language before and after was absolutely nothing like hers, so I found a prochoice group on Facebook. I showed them screen shots of the things she was saying (I absolutely marked out her name she remained 100% anon with no giveaways to who it could be) I also asked her permission before I did this.

And I asked what it looked like when someone may be making the wrong choice for themselves. My post got hundreds of reactions.

Hundreds of comments from women who’ve had abortions themselves, women who do regret it and women who don’t and women who didn’t chose abortion.

Nearly every single one said “don’t do it if it’s not something you know you 100% want”

I sent her screen shots of these comments and I also told her don’t do this if you already feel so much pain over it.

She did it anyways and she’s not okay. She is telling me she wants to die, that she’s damned to hell and that god hates her and I tell her over and over again that god doesn’t hate her and that she’s not damned.

I told her that she need to go to therapy and that I will even go WITH her to therapy and she said yes but I know her and unless I find the place myself and go get her that she won’t go and her mental state will continue to deteriorate.

I just don’t know how to do that. I don’t know what to look up, I don’t know who to call.

I don’t know how to find a good therapist that will help her heal. I’m am genuinely scared my friend is going to kill herself.

She’s not eating, she’s not sleeping. She really really needs help and I don’t know how. Please any advice would be appreciated.

I also want to add, guys I did not pressure her into either or direction. I just gave my opinion when asked. She asked for my opinions based on her feelings and I told her to do what she thinks is best for her and in that moment I really thought that having an abortion is not what she wanted because she was telling me she thinks she’d kill herself if she had one and then she had one and now wants to die. I told her that no matter what it would be okay, I’m still telling her that.

Please no hate

ETA: I found abortion support services that offer counseling and I found a lady who is an abortion grief counselor and I gave my friend her number. She is able to call her anytime and get her the help she needs if it’s wanted or just be a person to talk to who is more equipped to help her than I am.