I was in hospital having my second daughter at the end of September. I was in for a week. My July 15 month old baby has since been so inconsistent with her sleep. Before hospital her sleep pattern was;

7-8am wake up

11:30 nap for around an hour. Usually less

6:30 in bed.

Now she seems inconsistent in that we have;

Wake up between 6-7am sometimes later

11:30 nap for 1.5-2 hours

6:30-7pm in bed

1-3am one wake up where I’ve spent 5 hours settling her and when my partner has he’s gave her a bottle and she’s gone straight back asleep.

She self soothes and this has been around 2-3 weeks now where she just wants a bottle halfway through the night. Have gave teething stuff because she’s struggling with that. She had a week or so where she wasn’t well and was pooing several times a night which has stopped thankfully but now it is exhausting me with a 6 week old baby too. She’s been on and off for about a month. Has some nights where she sleeps 13 hours no problem and others where she’s a nightmare and up several times a night usually has a bottle once if she won’t settle. I’ve tried reducing her afternoon nap but it makes no difference and just makes her cranky in the day. I’ve tried moving the nap later and earlier and no change for nighttime. I’m exhausted. She goes down for naps and nighttime fine usually have the occasional day where she fights it so hard but always self settles. What do I do? Am I being unreasonable to think she needs the bottle in the night sometimes and give it to her or do I spent hours and hours settling her meaning we both get a bad sleep?