Advice please ladies


I have low amh and my partner has low sperm count, morphology and motility. We have undertaken one round of <a href="">Ivf</a>/icsi and that failed.

Since I’ve had a blood test to check my thyroid function and my tsh is over slightly so have been prescribed meds to bring that down, however the clinic have said this won’t delay treatment. My partner and I were due to go ahead with our next round on my next cycle which is due on the 18th nov.

However after our first failed cycle my partner said he would cut down his smoking to help matters and reduce his caffeine intake. He also smokes marijuana which bothers me but never wanted to give him the ultimatum to stop else I walk. Anyway he is smoking cigarettes more than ever since and there has been no pressure or me nagging him to stop. He is drinking 10+cans of coke a day and a few cups of coffee and still smoking his marijuana.

This weekend I have said to him that I can’t continue to do this anymore. I quit smoking nearly 2 years ago to give us both a chance naturally and through <a href="">Ivf</a>. He has made no attempt to help. Our embryos didn’t even make it to blastocyst on our 1st round, we transferred a compacting morula on day 5.

I’ve basically told him to sort himself out else I’m walking because I need to put me first and my mental health. I can’t do it anymore if he isn’t willing to help. Why should I put myself through the stims, scans, egg collection and transfer for him to make no changes and that before we have a baby. We are paying for our treatment and have spent £10k so far.

Am I being out of line? Would anyone else be/feel the same? Should I just leave now to save my heart?