I don’t understand him 😭

I’m getting a divorce ( thank god )

And I’m 34 weeks pregnant with our first child.

I left when I was 7 weeks pregnant so he could get the help he needed, I didn’t feel comfortable where I was at. And instead of getting help he cheated, multiple times. And moved out of state.

So I’m with my parents now and they have been by myself from day 1.

I made a post yesterday about how he is upset he is not coming in the room when I deliver. Due to covid I can only have one person and that person is the one who shows up with me and they can’t leave nor switch places with anyone. I chose my mom.

If covid was not a thing I’d let him in with the reality if he wanted to start getting argumentative or anything I can ask him to leave but I can’t now. I’m stuck if something was to happen and I’m more comfortable if my mom was with me if that’s the only person I can have.

We agreed to this, he was disappointed when I explained to him but he understood. Now that we are getting close he’s getting angry.

And I feel guilty but I also know I would not be comfortable at all if he was the only one with me.

And last night he kept saying “ I will be there when you go in labor and I will be the one walking in with you” uh. No..

Now he’s saying he’s gonna talk to his lawyer and how I’m stripping his daughter from him. And how he’s gonna sue me. I was bawling. Like I understand this sucks, and I wish covid wasn’t a thing but maybe if you didn’t make me feel so timid, and uncomfortable maybe it’ll be a different story.

He kept telling me he was cutting the cord and how my mom can “politely” leave. No she can’t..

But he’s gonna talk to our lawyer and I’m praying they don’t tell me it’s unfair. It’s my fear.

Then when I told him I don’t need this rn he was like I’m just trying to get a reaction out of you. Okay well if you wanna be immature than I can just block you and have my family call you when I go into labor once I’m already inside and hooked up.

I’m not going to be in a room with a man who has a history of getting in my face, screaming and pulling guilt trips and being argumentative with the fear he does and I make him leave no one else is allowed with me. That’s on him for making me feel the way I do.