LSIL how serious is it?

I recently got a Pap smear and it came back LSIL (low grade abnormal cells, usually just evidence of an active hpv infection) and I’m hpv positive. I’m only 19, and the consensus of the medical journals online say if you’re under 25 a cervical biopsy isn’t necessary because usually it spontaneously goes always on it’s own within a year or so. My gyno on the other hand, suggested I come in for one. I don’t really like my gyno, this was my first appointment, but after looking up reviews online I’ve found out other patients haven’t had good experiences with her either. I’m not looking for people who haven’t experienced this to tell me I’m being irresponsible or guilting me for questioning my doctor. I am in fact worried so I dont need extra negativity. But I would really appreciate hearing other women’s experiences with lsil.