Check In November 10th


Good morning everyone!! I wanted to do a super detailed check in with how everyone is doing, but there is SO much going on that the post would take 20 minutes to read 😂 so I just want to send general sticky baby vibes to all of you, we have lots of us who are now PUPO and lots of us who are waiting for the next steps in our <a href="">IVF</a> process and I'm praying for all of you 💕

Tonight will be Day 3 of HGH for me and yesterday we got AMAZING news. My husband has been at the same company for 5 years and we NEVER had infertility coverage. GUESS WHO FINALLY GETS COVERAGE FOR <a href="">IVF</a> IN 2021?! 😭😭💜💜 I am finally so much more hopeful that we will actually have our baby because we have an annual max, not lifetime.

Because of this we are pushing our retrieval until January so we actually have coverage, so I called my RE yesterday to find out if they want me to take Lupron. They said for one month of priming not to worry about it, but the nurse wasn't sure about two months so I'm waiting on a call back.. I had already opened my HGH before I found out, so I'll be doing 60 days of priming which I'm actually happy about, I feel like maybe this is the universe telling me this is what I needed.

I do wish I could retrieve sooner, but what's another 30 days after 3 years of TTC, am I right? 🙃