Stopped bc

Anyone else's period come late after stopping bc? My husband and I decided we wanted to try after our wedding in January but decided to stop the bc this month to give my body time to regulate itself. We've been doing the pullout method (yes we know there's still a chance to get pregnant from precum). My period was supposed to start Friday and it hasn't. I've had lil cramping on Thanksgiving which had me under the impression it was going to start the next day but nothing. I've been nauseous on and off throughout the week and actually threw up last Sunday. Yesterday I was nauseous again and almost threw up but had some crackers to settle my stomach. I took a test Tuesday night cause my coworkers are convinced we're pregnant but it was negative. Now that I'm 3 days late not sure if I am or if my body's just trying to adjust from this being my first period off of bc. Any thoughts or similar situations you ladies might've gone through?