How do you get out of a toxic relationship?


Anyone that has been in a toxic relationship knows that it’s not easy to “just leave” . I have lived with this guy for a year and it keeps getting worse and worse. We fight almost everyday, he’s always mad. I found naked pictures of myself on his phone that I didn’t know he had(that was the first and only time I went though his phone because he’s constantly asking to go through mine but won’t let me even look in his phones direction) he proposed to me and then broke up with me the next day because he doesn’t like my best friend. He doesn’t even have to see her or talk to her but told me that if I continue being friends with her he’ll kick me out. I can’t wear a bathing suit to the beach and anything that shows my shoulders (tank tops) is out of question. He’ll tell me I’m looking for attention, that I’m out there on the street and because I want other guys to look at me that means he can look at other girls. He rarely wants sex and when I undress he looks at me like I’m disgusting. He’s cheated on me. Kicked me over . Pushed me across the room Nd whenever anything doesn’t go his way it’s my fault, he fell asleep last night and didn’t get to go to the mall and it’s my fault. My dilemma is that I live with him. I’m 19, (he’s 27 btw)this is the first person I’ve ever lived with besides my mom and right now she’s telling me I can’t come back because they moved and don’t have room for me anymore. I don’t have many friends and I’ve asked. I don’t get paid enough to live alone, I feel trapped and like I can’t live my life in fear of being on the street. And after all of that and more somehow I still feel like I need to make him happy, like I need to put his needs and wants over mine because I love him and it hurts to feel like he doesn’t love me back. My self esteem is lower then ever and maybe I can’t find better. Maybe I am gross and no one else wants me. He always says he does what he does because he cares about me and if other guys let me wear what I want then they didn’t care about me. He just wants me all to himself. Pls be nice