If your partner had an abusive parent, would you allow them in your child’s life?

My boyfriend’s mom was abusive and neglectful. Just for a few examples. Locked him in a closet to smoke weed. He had lice all the time. Ended up losing custody of every single child she’s had and none of them keep in contact. She really was a piece of shit and still is even to this day. She came up, promising to visit him while she was in town, but then “forgot” about him... How tf do you just forget? Especially when they’ve been trying to call and text all day?!?!?!? (This was right before I got pregnant) But now I’m pregnant and she magically decides my boyfriend is good enough to be around, but she only talks to him about the baby now. He is hoping that she gets involved in our son’s life, visits, and wants to send her pictures. But because of her past, I really don’t feel comfortable with this. I wouldn’t tell him to cut her out of his own life because that’s not my place. But I feel it’s for the better safety of our child that she is not allowed around him, especially not alone

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