They’re not my kids. People act like I should have too much control.


My nieces mom let my mom take them to get their ears pierced at 8 mos old.

My family is close and yes that includes my sister in law that’s my sister idk what kind of SILs other people have but shes my sister in every way but blood. We are comfortable sharing opinions with eachother even if we don’t agree like I don’t know about other people’s relationships but we don’t fight. We just talk.

People can talk about things they don’t agree on without it turning into a huge fight.

Before they took them to get their ears pierced I pointed out my ears to them, about how they’re fucked up from a piercing gun and have scar tissue and are Uneven and even if I went and got them done correctly right now i would still have extra holes because as I’ve grown my ear ring holes have becoming uneven and janky looking and explained how shitty piercing guns are and that if they’re going to pierce their ears they need to at least have it done by an actual professional but be ready to be confronted by them when they get older and possibly won’t appreciate having their ears pierced as babies because I’m not happy about it myself. Mine were done when I was a newborn and I still wish my mom didn’t do it. Everything about this conversation was kind, it was respectful on both sides. She let her piece in too. We both are a lot alike when it comes to being very opinionated and agree on a lot of things aside from ear piercing and circumcision we don’t agree on. We even debate circumcision with eachother even though she doesn’t have any boys and has her tubes tied. We like to debate eachother, I think that’s healthy as long as everything is kept respectful.

They still took them to get it done at Claire’s because no professional would do the babies ears. They tried that but nobody would do it so to Claire’s they went.

But you know what, they’re not my kids. They may be doing something I personally don’t agree with, but they’re not abusing them. They’re not in danger. I’m not going to overstep boundaries, I’m only the aunt.

I just have strong feelings about body autonomy, and they don’t. Cant change that and can’t control them.

There’s this girl that went off on me because I posted a picture of my nieces and you can see their pierced ears. I said NOTHING about their ears, I just posted a picture on a private Instagram page and someone saw their ears. Like yes, I am a major part of their life. I live with them. But I don’t get the make calls like that, I can voice my opinion, and we can respectfully disagree about it and move on like adults.

I am not their parent. I do not get to make the decisions for their parents.

I didn’t agree, but my nieces are fine. Like get the fuck over it. There is NOTHING I could do about it.

I got over it and you can too. Quit expecting me to try to control my brother and SIL

“You should have spoken up for them.” Literally shut up please