Feeling more family oriented


Sorry its a paragraph!!

Has anyone else felt more protective of theirs or their partners family during pregnancy? My mother and I usually don't get on and she winds me up a lot, so I vent to my husband about it as it also winds him up, but lately I've been less wound up by her usual things that wind me up but my husband is still getting wound up, and I told him earlier that I don't get why he's getting mad over small things, I also said earlier I wanted to make sure his sister is okay and doesn't need company as she normally sees their mum often but she's away for the week seeing her parents, normally I don't get on with his sister at all for various reasons, but again I'm just feeling more attached to her? I'm also finding i wanna spend more time around both families but obviously covid makes it hard. Idk if this is just a mum thing as his sister is also a mum, or if I'm just growing up a bit or what? I just feel super protective of anyone I consider family, friends included and I don't get it 😂😂 I'm not worried just confused more than anything. Is this a hormone thing?