Advice needed! Baby getting wrong bottle at daycare?


I want to preface this and say, as mamas we know our babies poop patterns and what it looks like right?! Long post ahead..

My son goes to daycare and this is the third time I’ve suspected he’s had the wrong bottle. He is formula fed (I did breastfeed him for the first month and a half but he stopped latching so we switched to only formula) there’s a difference between breastmilk poop and formula poop. The first time I suspected it was because his poop was different. I didn’t say anything because i thought well maybe his tummy is upset.

The second time was last week when he had 2 breastmilk poops (the yellow seedy like poops) and a bottle came back completely clean. I asked the teacher if it was possible his bottle was mixed up and told her my concerns. She assured me it couldn’t have happened so I let it go.

Now today, he has had 3 breastmilk poops! He is a very predictable pooper, like I’m talking once a day or once every other day. If his bottle isn’t being switched then I feel like something is different at daycare then when he’s at home.

What are your thoughts?! Am I crazy? His bottles have a huge label on them with his name so I don’t know what else to do.