Pacifier for public use only?


Hi! Im a new mom and my baby is 5 weeks old! I have not introduced a pacifier because I don’t think he really needs one.

The other day, I went to a drive thru to get food and my baby started crying! I know it was because it was time for him to eat. I exclusively breastfeed so I can’t just hand him a bottle to calm down and make him happy. After getting the food, i parked and checked on him but realized I can’t give him anything to calm down 😭 so I had to just wait till he stopped crying and I felt horrible!

Is it possible to only give a pacifier when in public/ out and about? I also don’t want to just let him cry it out when I can’t pull over to breastfeed! Or when we’re in a public setting where I clearly can’t breastfeed.

Any tips?