VBAC or c-section #2

Hayley • Mommy to a gorgeous girl born 3.16.2018 💕 Baby #2 due January 2021 🥰

Hey all!

So, I have been SO undecided about what to do this time around...my daughter was a planned c-section due to her being Breech and it was a good experience, very calm and without issue. The recovery wasn’t very fun but I managed!

This time with my son, my doctor and hospital are very VBAC supportive, but I’m just so terrified of going that route since I have had a section before and the thought of a vaginal delivery is so foreign to me.

My OB says I have a 75% chance of a successful VBAC, but that slight chance something could go wrong really scares me.

I’ve gone back and forth on which route to go down, and I just can’t decide.

I just wish I knew what the right decision was!

Can anyone share their experience with vbac or repeat section?