I feel so bad! 😭 (venting)


So, I put my baby boy down for the night and I always stay in my room with him; and for the very first time I thought I could go to the other room for an hour and get an art project done while he sleeps, because while I'm in the room he's always dead asleep. Well, 20 minutes in I heard him crying so I run to him and he's on his belly face down 😱😭 NEVER AGAIN! It's just so hard to do stuff during the day besides taking care of baby and cleaning, so thought I could get some projects done... Nope...

But, baby boy is snuggled on my chest back asleep now. I feel horrible, but thing is I asked my husband to please check on our son because my hands were covered in paint and I was in the middle of something, and he said he couldn't because he's tired and going to bed πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ (he sleeps in a different room. ) ugh.... then he blames me for leaving him alone πŸ˜” like, I take care of our son 24/7, he doesn't watch him, change him, feed him, nothing! Just plays with him for a bit. He seriously couldn't take 2 minutes to check on him so that I could finally get some stuff done?

Like I said, NEVER EVER EVER leaving him alone like that again.