Postpartum Period -Breastfeeding

Hannah • Mom to two 💙 Boys and 👼👼 two angel babies . 🤰with #3.

I was just curious when everyone got there period back with breastfeeding each of their children. Was it different with each or the same ?

My first son I was pumping while at work and breastfeeding him when I was with him and my period returned at 8m pp. My second son is 7m now and still no AF . I stay at home now and have not pumped at all so I’m curious if my period will return at the same time.

Really curious if other people experienced AF postpartum at the same time for each child .

Update : got my first postpartum period again . Right before little one turns 8m which is the same as my first baby .

Update #2 two days late for second pp period . With my first child once AF came back it was on time each month .... waiting a few more days before it test .