When do you give up?

I am in a serious relationship right now but I’m at a turning point in my life where my desires are to have a family and buy my first home. I hope I’m not being shallow by wanting all that but I can’t ignore the fact that all that takes money. I have a decent job that if I were to have a husband with a nice job we could live comfortably and start a life together but in my current relationship I don’t have that. My question is when should I call it quits with my boyfriend who is a grown man with only a part time job. I’ve tried being totally honest and all I get is an “I will I’m trying” or anger and defensiveness from him. It makes me so frustrated and my question is when should I give up on the relationship and move on? A year? 2 years? How can I show him I’m fed up in subtle ways that will get his attention since being honest and transparent isn’t working. He needs to learn adults need jobs, he won’t leave his part time job now because it’s fun but he needs to make a living. His parents pay his rent and he always wants to split things 50/50, not trying to be a brat but I always wanted more for myself.