Growing up in a Cult. My abusive Aunt


I was raised as a Jehovah Witness pretty much my whole life. As a kid you didn’t have a choice. My grandma was in it heavily and she passed it down to her kids. As a child my mom sent me to live with my JW aunt who was and still is extremely abusive mentally and her husband physically. My mom told me as a adult she was going thru a hard time with my stepdad and had to get some things in order in her life. But I never understood that because she kept my brother. Anyway my aunt abused me the entire time mentally she lied was manipulative vindictive and purely evil. If she didn’t like something I did as a child she would allow her husband to beat me 😢ALOT. To this day her and her husband are the same ABUSIVE. I have to say I HATE those people. I want nothing to do with them because I have so much anger and pain from how they violated me as a child. I also hold some animosity toward my mother.

I don’t care what me and my husband go thru I’m not sending my kid to anyone’s home 🏡 but my own. Especially since my aunt has always hated and been jealous of my mom. My logic to my mom is wtf did you think she was going to do with your kid. My mom says she was young and always manipulated by my aunt. My aunt also tried to steal me by forging by moms signature on court documents as a kid for permanent custody, which was a LIE. The woman is SICK.

I got baptized as JW cause that was what I was taught to do but I left once I realized how sick abusive and Cult it is. I also don’t agree and find their teachings to be LIES. Flash forward to today my mom and her sister have a relationship with my Sick ass aunt. I have made it clear I don’t want anything to do with her in FACT once my baby is born I don’t even want her seeing pictures of my child but for some reason I think they will show her. Recently they told my aunt I was pregnant and she sent a gift to my home because my other aunt gave her my address !! I was and I AM 😤 PISSED!! My mom said it was a mistake she didn’t mean anything by it ?! How can I make it clear to my mom and my other aunt that I don’t want any connection to this sick woman and if they share any of my private information or my baby what will be the consequence ?? I loath this woman and I will never let her near me my kids or my husband . I just want to heal but I HATE this woman and her husband .