My baby is here and he definitely did it his own way!

Gina • 👸👸👼 Due 12/02/2020 with our 🌈 boy!

I was scheduled for a c section this morning at 10 am. Well I’m tossing and turning last night, trying to fall asleep, and around 1 a.m. I hear a loud click and pop come from my belly. Long story short- I got up and my water EXPLODED!! I can’t believe how much fluid my body was holding. I yelled for husband to get up and get moving. We got to the hospital and I was having intense contractions. Our baby boy was born at 3:07 this morning. Emmett JohnRoy. 9 lbs!! And 19.5 inches long. I haven’t slept, I’m so tired, but I’m so stinking happy. I’m also happy I got to experience the thrill of labor since this is my last baby ❤️ even though it was scary and painful. Good luck ladies!