Baby movements

Do I really have to feel the baby move every couple of hours? 28 weeks.

My baby is not very active, I would feel it like once maybe twice a day just one small kick.

My mom says I should not worry since she didn’t feel me move at all, once in whole pregnancy.

But I read that I should count kicks? And I should feel the baby multiple times a day.

Example it is now 8pm here and I haven’t felt the baby since this morning at 7am (only two small kicks). 😐

Worried, please share you experiences. This is my first so I have no idea what is normal and when to worry.

I did try to drink something cold and sweet but it doesn’t really help. Also being on my left side. It doesn’t do much.

At 25-26 weeks I could feel him a lot more ??? It is like he calmed down, he is not so energetic??? Is that a thing?