Nap time help!

Hey all!

I’ve been reading posts every week or so like a wallflower and it’s been super helpful but needed a little bit more specific advice about my LOs napping.

She’s 5.5 months, EBF And we’ve passively started trying some purées here and there now that she has more signs.

In the napping department, I’ve hit a little wall with her. I have a sound machine on, i swaddle her for that sleep time recognition, good temp, bounce her feed her and lay with her for naps.

Usually after 30 minutes of being down, I roll out and she’s asleep for at least 30 minutes to another hour or so.

Lately however, after 30 minutes of being put down, she wakes right up, doesn’t cry or anything, gets fussy, I bounce and feed her back to sleep and then she’ll be asleep for another hour or two!

My question is, why is she waking up after 30 mins? I’ve thought before maybe it’s just a 30 minute nap but then she seems tired and doesn’t wanna play or do much.

Any recommendations or advice? Also the whole bouncing to sleep thing is a habit in need of changing shes 16 pounds now and my back is starting to hate me 😂

I don’t want to use any sleep training that suggests CIO method, Id love to start teaching her more tools of self soothing and sleeping on her own just don’t know where to start!

Please be kind and no judgment 💕 just trying to take care of my baby the best I can with what I have.