How did your postpartum appointment go?

Christina • Married💍Baby boy 💙 (Aug 11, 2019) Baby boy 💚 (July 5, 2020) Baby 3 due March 12, 2022! 🤰🏿

With my first I had it at 6 weeks pp but not til 4 months pp with my second (due to covid?? 🤷🏾‍♀️).

Anyway what happened (with both) was... I was asked the following:

Was it a natural delivery? (Yes)

Are you breastfeeding? (Yes)

Was the due date correct? (My first was late, second on due date)

Any stitches? (Yes, only with my first)

Am I on birth control? If so what (condoms)

Any questions? (I asked for a blood test)

I really didn't wanna go to this appointment after my second was born, as I told my husband it was a waste of time but he made me go anyway as I felt my anemia creeping back up on me. And it was a different gp this second time around, so we thought things might be different.

Is this the norm? Don't you get examined? Both pp appointments weren't even 5 minutes long.

If this is normal then I'll rest my case and let it lie, but please tell me if not? What were your pp appointments like?