Pregnant or residual hcg from miscarriage?


Any personal insight would be much appreciated ladies😣

On the 25th of November, just last month, I unfortunately suffered a chemical pregnancy. My hcg levels never rose very high. First bloods showed they were at 5ml, than 10, and last bloods they were down to 7ml. That was 2 weeks ago. The past week I have felt nauseous, gassy, backache, super hungry all the time. My period isn’t due till Christmas Day though so I am testing at the earliest you can really which I’m not usually a fan of doing but I was driving myself insane with the symptoms so I thought why not. And I just got this positive result with the FR digital test.

However, I don’t know if I should be counting this as true though as what if I had residual hcg in my system left from the miscarriage. But then I keep thinking the last bloods said o only had 7ml which is barely anything and that was 2 weeks ago now, so I don’t know what to think.

Any ladies here had similar experiences? Or just opinions would be highly valued, thank you💞