need advice !! thrush after waters broken


i’m currently 36+ 2 weeks pregnant with my baby girl and a couple nights ago at 35 + 6 weeks my waters broke now i’ve been in hospital ever since i got told they would induce me if i don’t naturally go into labour before 48 hours after my waters broke but comes 48 hours they then tell me i need to wait til tomorrow but today i got told they aren’t going to induce me yet so i’ve been stressing a lot just to find out i now possibly have thrush my waters are broken i have no protection there for the baby and i could have a yeast infection which can go in and give her an infection so i asked them what they will do about that since now i could have and infection and i’m very uncomfortable they said they will give me a cream if it’s positive !! like why can’t they just get her out safe and not in risk of getting an infection or distressed it’s been 72 hours of my waters being broken and i’m over just laying here and nothing being done or i’m not being told nothing what should i do i just feel like they aren’t taking this seriously