Update🌈🔥🥳 on gender disappointment 💕🌸💓

Erika Sunflower

💓Took two days for me to let go of the vision and bond I created with a baby boy. I’m 21 weeks pregnancy this is my rainbow baby which is a girl. My last pregnancy it was a boy so when I got pregnant this time around I just knew it was my baby boy comma back to me. Anyways when I found out it was a girl it was like saying goodbye to my baby boy whom I’d already named...

🌸Update I am super excited to be a mother of a baby girl! I have acceptance over this and now see it as a complete blessings and gift. I had fears of this because of my own relationship with my mother however therapy and healing has helped me transition my thought patterns. I refuse to let my fear from the past that caused childhood trauma block me from loving my daughter unconditionally.

💐Went to my partner’s family house for a Christmas party and he was so excited to tell everyone he was having a daughter. Once we found of the gender I swear his excitement and emotions/vulnerability he’s shown has been a blessing because it reminds me to be present not to overthink or have fear over something not happening the way id imagined it manifesting.

I’m so happy!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕🌸 she’s the only girl on my partner’s side and I know she is going to be loved and protected/guided by everyone!!

Any advice??????? I can’t wait to go shopping for baby girl items. I wonder what her personality will be like and I can’t wait to look into her eyes.

Any one suffering from gender disappointment I have faith it will past. Give it time and don’t beat yourself up my love. For me it took two days to ware off, however maybe longer or shorter depending on the mommy. Wishing you much love this season and to come❤️