I found something I didn't want to know, I know I shouldn't snoop

I do trust him but my insecurities made me insecure and he keeps staying at his friend at the weekend. I just feel like it might be bullshit, he was dressed up.

He asked me to look after his savings, so it was in my account. He said that his friend had lost his job and needs money.

I've seen that he withdraw all of it, its not in the thousands but it quite a lot.

I was being nosey in his room, i found his journal. I only saw the 1st page but it said he slept with a sex worker. So I ended up reading more and found out he was a sex addict.

He told me he used to be on drugs, but he never told me more than that.

Some of them has dates, it said 2010, others 2018. This was before I knew him. But he wrote about the pandemic so that's 2020.

I've only known him since Dec 2019. He tells me other stuff, but I know he wouldn't of told me about the sex worker stuff. But now I'm terrified that he's where he's really going

Knowing he paid for sex, just makes me so uncomfortable and now I'm worried he could given me an std or something.

I just don't know how to feel or react