Stay at home mom or 50’s house wife

So this morning at 9 am I asked my children’s father to do the most simple of taste which was was the bedding on our bed. So he decided to start drinking at 9:30 and said that he had to do work stuff and would take care of the bedding also. So around 3 I went to check on him while he was doing work stuff and come to find out he was losing about doing work stuff and was just sitting staring at a wall and when I asked him to watch the children so I could take a shower he got all upset. So around dinner time I was taking the older children to the rest room and I had to ask him four times to get off his butt and preheat the oven because we were having pizza for dinner and he threw a big fit about that. So after dinner I was getting ready to give the children there baths (we have three children and I am currently almost 30 weeks with baby number four) and I asked why some of the bedding still had not been washed and he comes up to me and grabs me by the arms and starts to shake me and yell at me all while scratching my arms up. He was yelling about how lazy and worthless I was just because I was asking when my bedding was gonna be done washing. So I took the children into the bathroom and started to give them a bath and I texted his brother and mother about them telling him not to treat me like that especially in front of my children who were freaking out when they saw what he was doing to me and all his brother had to say was “I’ll talk to him” which I know that he won’t or that he’ll take his brothers side and his brother already is making up lies saying that I abuse him all the time. His mother basically told me that I should be a 50’s house wife and so everything myself and that her son didn’t have to do any house work because he was the one with the job and paid the bill so I should be waiting on him hand and foot. I gave up my job and everything I had to be a stay at home mother for our children and he wants to repay me by acting like this? We’ve been together for almost 5 years and I’m about t call it quotes if he doesn’t change his tone!