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I am currently 8 weeks PP (tomorrow)

I stopped my bleeding around 3 weeks PP

I started spotting shortly after (maybe around 4.5/5 weeks PP.. but SUPER LIGHT spotting only like a hint of pink in alot of regular discharge)

Went to my 6 week appt was told there was a small amount blood and discharge by my cervix but it's fine and normal looking.

Last week on Wednesday I thought I was starting my period (so 7 weeks PP) when I wiped it was full on pink discharge like the start of my period. But only happened once and went away.

Now today it came back, started off only as I wiped, everytime and now some is on a pad.

Is this normal PP bleeding still, if it's PP bleeding from the placenta site still healing is it a bad thing? Should I not be "over doing it" still. (Working out, sex) Or is this my period? Or my body trying to ovulate/ have a period.

I AM EBF my son, so I assumed my period wouldn't be back as it's never been this early with my other two babies. Not on the pill only using condoms and only have had sex 1 time with condoms since I was cleared at my 6 week appointment.