When your husband hurts you

Update:: I seem to be getting roasted in the comments. What he did was in a cruel, mean tone. There was no joking around about it. It was disrespect. And, I was triggered. While he was doing it, I froze just staring at him and he kept doing it. That’s when I threw the phone back at him. I didn’t throw the phone AT him.

My goodness.

My husband and I have been happily married for 6.5 years. I’m 31 and he’s 38. We are in a really good place, overall. We bicker but we never get in fights or anything like that. We are ttc and still have that “spark”. We have a landscaping company that does snow removal and due to an incoming snowstorm, we were messaging clients but all contacts are on his phone and he is the one with all of the details about who needs what. I was basically texting his clients for him. So I asked him for the next client name after I messaged maybe 5 clients and he said he wanted to take a break. It was already getting late and I just wanted to get it done. I mean, I was doing most of the work anyway 😂 basically he wasn’t down for it and then he started mocking me in a bad way like blurring speech wabahatabawadaaa. It triggered me because I grew up in a mentally abusive household and my stepfather used to mock me that way when I was a teen. By the way, I do NOT have a speech impediment it was more like making fun of me ?! Idk. So I threw the cell phone at him said “f you!” And went in the room for 2 hours. I came out and he’s sleeping on the couch. I was angry that he didn’t apologize to me and told him that’s exactly what my stepfather did to me when I was 16 and can’t believe he would not apologize to me.

He then tells me that he did that to me because I did it to him first!! Can you imagine the outrage that I felt when he told me that I did it to him first when I was already hurt?!! Guys I’m so hurt and upset and he really tells me that i did that bwadabababababa shit to him first and he just went on with it back to me?! I would NEVER!

I don’t know why I’m posting here, what kind of advise you could possibly give me, but I’m hurting that he won’t apologize and now he’s sleeping on the couch. Like, he is actually angry with me!!! For no reason.

All that I wanted was an apology and I think we would’ve been fine. But no. He’s angry with me! For what?!! Does he REALLY believe that I did that to him?! Because there is no way in hell that I would ever.