Am I being petty and unreasonable?

Hi, so I’ll try to make this short. Me and my child’s father just had our first child 4 months ago! We do not live in the same home we are 30 minutes away from each other. Since we don’t live together things are split between our home as far as baby items. Well thing is, our son is not over his dads house all the time. He’s at my house literally 99% and his dads house 1%. Out of 4 months I can count exactly 5 times that he has been to his dads This is due to Covid and me not wanting to travel with our son back and forth especially since I can’t drive in snow where I live. We both agreed to this and his dad comes to my house to see him all the time. So since the day of the baby shower his mom caused a riot about all of the gifts going to my house. She wanted them to have some of the things at their house As well. So to avoid the bullshit I split things that we had multiples of and avoided fussing because in the end, I knew these things would go to waste sitting at their house. She wanted all the things they brought from their side of the family. I gave him Bottles warmers, bottles, some clothes, a bassinet, baby tub, bouncers, etc). Well what I was trying to tell them about the stuff going to waste is exactly what has happened. So about a month ago maybe 2 months I went and purchased more sleepers and stuff because he needed some 0-3 month sleepers. My child’s father was there when I ordered them as well. So today we’re at his house and I see a pile of 0-3 month clothes. I just kind of smacked my lips and asked why didn’t he just offer to bring the items over? Why let them sit and let him outgrow them just for the sake of wanting to have things at your house? If you see he’s not visiting your home as often, why not just bring the things over my house so I can put him in those clothes instead of buying more? So now he has multiple outfits that he has outgrown and more stored in their house that he will soon to outgrow As well. He also has a car seat cover at his dads house and I was looking for one and he had one the whole time. Why not give that to me as well seeing that I have his car seat 99% of the time. He has bottles there, detergent, seats that help him with sitting up (he has outgrown that and never got to use it) etc. He’s nonchalant about it and tells me “it’s not that serious. ” I said yeah well it is because it seems that you refuse to give to me stuff and want me to buy while items you have are literally going to waste. Idk, maybe I’m bitching but this doesn’t make sense........ what do you all think? How should I even go about this. My mom told me since I’m not “in desperate need” and can afford things, continue letting him and his mom look silly by demanding having things at their home for decoration because he isn’t using them 🤷🏽‍♀️

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