Celebrate with me!!


I’m 40. My husband is 44. We’ve been married 5yrs and have a 4yo daughter together. Had no trouble getting pregnant right away with her.

But #2 has been much harder. We’ve been TTC for almost 3 years. I had a blighted ovum/miscarriage in January 2019. And my husband has had trouble with DE so we weren’t sure this would ever happen. We have been trying at home insemination with syringes and soft cups. (Thanks to every post I read that gave me encouragement this might work!). After 4 months of trying that-here we are! And just when we were making doctors appointments to see what our next steps are- that beautiful line shows up!

Praying hard for this to be our rainbow!

Just wanted to share some hope for older mamas that might be in the same boat!