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May I vent for a second? Post is very long!

I've been with my boyfriend for 5yrs and known him at least 5 years prior. We recently became new parents to our baby boy. Right at the beginning of the pandemic there were issues with his job so he was laid off. He has yet went back to work but somehow we've been making ends meet. I have my own income. But now that we have this baby and moving into our apartment soon, I feel like he's not being as productive as he should be with finding a job. He's tried many places and went to two interviews, no luck! We live in a small town in Louisiana. So work here is very very limited. And minimum wage is still @ $7.25!! Especially trying to find a job that pays well enough, it's hard. His former jobs were all mill/plant working jobs (great paying). I know he's trying but he need to try more. And it's frustrating because I am the only one with income coming in & the stress of being a new mom. It's all so over whelming I just feel like he needs to apply himself way more. Although him not being able to find work is sending him into deep depression. Maybe i am being a little selfish and inconsiderate. I'm trying to figure out how to address this situation as best as possible without it turning into a firey conversation! And he seems to ALWAYS have an attitude or something and I'm just really not feeling the same towards him anymore. I feel like he's slowly fading away from me, which in return is pushing me away. I still love him very much. Maybe this is only a phase we're going thru right now. Really hoping things get really better.