advice ?

its long so yea .. but um i was talking to this guy , and to me it felt like it was getting somewhere, we’d text everyday and not once did it seem like he never wanted to talk to me, we would call here and there and just laugh and all. all of this really made me think things got somewhere. but ig not . so we stopped talking for like 2 months. I got bored and decided to text him on halloween. I got super drunk so i never continued the conversation, GOOD THING lol. but yea he didnt reply for three days and boom. i get a text out of no where and he asks me to go on a date w him. Turns out the tickets were sold out and we ended up just doing a cheap date and little hangout .. but it was just a lil trap to have a little sneaky link w me , which i didn’t want to happen because im someone who doesn’t just have sex with anyone yk? and soo yea we ended off on awkward terms , but i made sure to show that I wasn’t upset or mad yk? i just dont hold grudges lol. so yea we havent talked like this ever since then and guys. i text him here and there but like this one day i asked him to make me a spotify playlist cos girl we have the same music taste and i like the songs he listens too so oh well. he made me a playlist butttt instead of all songs , he put in nothing but love songs or like songs about love and a gurl. anyways the advice i need is , what does this mean ^^^ why just love songs specifically in the playlist i wanted him to make for me lol .. am i getting my hopes up and being stupid? and alsooo, how can i get over him, i need help.