Son born prematurely


My due date was March 20th 2021 but doctor scheduled a repeat c section for March 15th 2021. Unfortunately I didn’t make it that far my second son was born January 31st, 2021 at 33 wks and 1 day. He was outside of my uterus and it ruptured and is damaged. My doctor said no to anymore kids and how lucky we was this time. The next time may not be so lucky, and how if it was to be another pregnancy. I wouldn’t be allowed to go up to 35 wks or over it, and that can even be more worse than this one. It made me sad and cried because I wanted my little girl in the future, but that won’t happen anymore. I am thankful and happy he made it out but going to be in the nicu for a little while. He weighed 5 lbs and 6.6 oz and 18 inches long