Would you hire a nanny in her early 20's

JayDee • BLM💕

I have really been needing help around the house especially now that I'm working from home. I hired this girl in her 20s because I think she's nice & I appreciate her Covid precautions. I told my mom that she starts tomorrow & as soon as I corrected my mom on her age (she thought the nanny was going to be old), she began trying to convince me it's a bad idea. I trust my husband & never even thought about him trying to get with the nanny. I told my mom that I don't believe in her way of thinking....if a man wants to cheat, it's HIS fault & decision to make & even though I'm his wife, I refuse to attempt to police his actions-aint nobody got time for that 😂. But seriously do other women not trust young women around their husband. I'm 31 BTW

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