I've never felt overwhelmed with joy, am I depressed?

I've given birth to two children, the oldest is four and the youngest is one. After both of their births I didn't feel much. I've never cried, never felt overwhelmed. I almost felt a bit indifferent. I was happy it was over and happy to have healthy babies. I love them and care for them deeply, but I've never felt that bubble of happiness that people are talking about, and it makes me worried I might be depressed. I don't feel sad, but I do feel a bit numb all the time, and I do have a history of depression. I never considered it before, and I know social media isn't giving you the whole picture, but the fact that I've never ever have felt like that worries me. I feel like I should have. But I've always felt like I'm almost too busy to care for my kids to ever have a moment to feel. Is this normal? Should I seek help? I'm not feeling sad, and I feel like I have a strong bond with my children, but I don't know.