Dealing with covid and family member rules..


My husband and I are trying to come up with a plan for after babe we are lucky he is able to take off two weeks and another two working from home lightly. I am a stay at home mom we already have an almost three year old due in July. Our second is due April 2:)

So we have lightly talked about our plans since his parents and mine will want to see the baby.

My mom is going to drive to us an hr and a half when I go into labor to watch our 2 year old I don’t have anyone else to watch her and my mom is really the only one I trust other than hubby. She’s not the most reliable with social distancing so that already stresses me out...

For example she called me today asking when I think I’ll go into labor cause she’s wanting to take a trip to az tomorrow 😑

But she’ll watch our daughter and than go home after we get home or the next day. And I’m trying not to dwell on the anxiety of that part.

My brother and sil had a baby two months ago they just wanted everyone to get tested before going to see the baby. Seemed like a good plan except my dad runs a business and can’t get the test and close in for three days... and we’ve already talked about my mom.

My husbands parents have people in there home that work and won’t be able to take a test and then isolate so that seems like a waste.

So what are you ladies doing? What are your thoughts no visitors for a month? Covid tests before orr?