relationship problems?

is it normal for a boyfriend to not kiss their gf or not say I love you sometimes because “they’re not in the mood”? last night i tried to kiss him and  he didn’t kiss me back and I asked why and he said he wasn’t in the mood. then today he told me he loved but I said it and he didn’t say it back and I got upset and I just left the room and he didn’t come in after me for a while because he was scrolling through Twitter but when he did come in he’s like what’s wrong and I told him we had this conversation last night when you do things like this it makes me feel unloved and he said you know I love you I say I love you all the time but I already communicated with him last night he say when he does things like that it doesn’t make me feel loved so I don’t get why he would do that again personally I don’t know if not being in the mood is a good reason because I’ve never been in love someone and not been in the mood to kiss them or to say I love you I’ve always wanted to do those things