My man only wants one child and that's it.... 😔

He has 6 with his ex wife and ex girlfriend originally that was dealbreaker for me. I can be selfish I want my partner to myself but after a nice talk with my mom I gave him a chance. I met these women they're awesome, last night he shattered my heart to pieces when he said he'd only want one with me just so I could have his kid ❓ I want four kids I come from foster care so I want a big family of my own but he's not budging his says he decision is final he put his foot down so I broke up with him I couldn't compromise with that. I explained that to him I also expedited the process, gathered some things and left. He thinks I'll be back but I'm so serious if he only wants one kid I need to go immediately. He's blowing up my phone trying to manipulate me and make me feel like the bad guy here when it's clear we want two different things so let's end it now.