Unisom Questions - back pain & sleep?


I was prescribed nausea medication but unfortunately my insurance doesn’t cover it, so I have resorted to Unisom + B6 but I have a few questions.

1. Will I have trouble sleeping / need to wean off if I take Unisom for an extended time? I am only doing 1/2 tablet at night but don’t want to take it for too long if I’m going to have trouble sleeping once I stop taking.

2. Back pain? I have only taken it three times so far, but find that I get terrible back/neck pain once it kicks in as I’m lying in bed getting ready to sleep. Thinking it’s because I’m a side sleeper and my body is just super relaxed so I’m tugging muscles or something? Has anyone experienced this? Almost uncomfortable enough to make me not take them anymore.

Trying not to be a worry wart 😬