Baby having a hard time adjusting at daycare!


I feel hopeless and helpless right now. I started my baby girl who just turned 9 months back in daycare almost two weeks now(she was in daycare between 3-5 months) and I've already switched to another daycare. She wasn't doing well at the first one for the 3 days she was there and hardly ate anything and didn't not want to interact with the other babies. Now she is 4 days in at the other (2 days last week and 2 days so far this week) and she cries if they are not holding her and still does not want to interact with the other babies. I don't know what to do and it hurts my heart to call and hear her crying or when I'm leaving or go to pick her up. It's not like she isn't put down at home either, because she is good at playing independently with her toys for good periods and crawl to follow us around, so I am not sure what to do. Any tips or advice from any mama who has gone through this?