How to delete nudes (with face) from bfs phone for breakup?

Basically I'm planning on breaking up with my bf soon, and I remembered some pics I sent him early in our relationship. This wouldn't be an issue if my face wasn't in a few of them, but alas there are a couple. Some he took, some I took. At the time I thought we'd get married and stuff, so I didn't mind as much but kept it to a minimum. Now I'm worried about him still hanging onto those after we break up.

Let that be a lesson to anyone considering sending nudes - don't put your face in them! Seriously it isn't worth it and you never know someone's true colors until it's too late. Ik it was dumb of me to do, and I regret it. And don't let your SO take pics with your face in nudes either, just to be safe.

I'm thinking either I ask him to delete them and watch him do it, or I go into his phone while he's asleep and do it myself (ik that can be intrusive so that's why I'm asking for opinions). I plan on just deleting the face ones so he doesn't notice, which makes me nervous because there's one face one that's his favorite so he might notice.

My only worry with asking him to delete them upfront is that he won't want to do it and it'll start a fight cuz he will get suspicious, or that he'll straight up refuse to do it if I ask during our break up talk. What do you guys think? Has anyone been in this situation?

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