I am trying to be a good mother but he's making it so hard

I'm 7 months pregnant with our second child and my baby daddy only gives me money for groceries and have told me that I can't work until his kids ready to start school, I am living a family home with his family but different floors whenever my family have any events he refuses to be there, he would drop me off and leave and he start doing this a 6 months ago, we have been together over 5 years, my sister wedding was on the 14th and refused to come because he had to do covid test, so I talked to my sister and he give him a free pass, he since refused to go with me, I cried because the man that I love won't even come with me never give me a reason why, he stayed home and play video instead, I am starting to resent him for not being there I really needed him the wedding was really important and I was sad because I couldn't be apart due to pregnancy I don't want to live with him anymore he barely helps with our 1 year old while complaining about it, he doesn't lift his hand to do anything in house like cleaning or cooking, he gets home after work to sleep or play video games and with my unborn baby I need to be with my family where I can get the help and support I need, I don't have the money to move with my family, he said he would help me get a place since I'm not happy her, he have not been buying anything for me to eat because I stopped talking to him on the 13th, I know he wants me to leave his kids and go if I want but I can never do that to my girls, his mom told him to fight for custody of his other child because her mom has been neglecting her, he paid the $4000 to start the case he's doing it because his mom wants the child, I asked him for 5000 to help me and the kids find a place and pay for food until after I give birth and I can get a job and yes he have the money to help me give our kids a better home, not forgetting my unborn baby has down syndrome... Some times I am thinking this has to be a dream, he begged me for years to start a family with him and now my kids is the only reason I'm still in this hell hole, I can find a place for myself but I can't take them with me, I prefer to be single and away from him than keep having him control what I do with my life because I live with him