Subchorionic Hemorrhage @ 10+3 weeks


I woke up this morning to bleeding heavy bright red blood. I had some cramping as well.

I went to the ER:

Blood work normal

Vitals all normal

Ultrasound showed a subchorionic hematoma at 3.6cm in size

Baby is healthy, moving, 176 FHR

Pelvic exam showed a closed cervix

Dr. Told me to go on rest and to take it very easy, no lifting my toddler and overdoing it. My husband, mom and cousin are going to help me I’m very blessed I have so much help.

I’m just so worried about this harming my unborn child. The Dr said it could resolve on its own or it could get worse and cause a miscarriage.

The paperwork she gave me was titled “threatened miscarriage”

Has anyone had a similar experience that can offer me any guidance or reassurance? I am already taking progesterone since 6 weeks so I’ve read that can help.