Daycare advice needed

My son is 15 months. His bedtime is about 6:30 and he wakes at 5am. I drop him off at daycare at about 6 so I can be at work by 6:30. I just found out today that the sitter is putting him right back to sleep as soon as I drop him off. I literally ask every day how his sleep schedule is and she never told me this. I found out from another parent. There is no way my son is ready for a nap a hour after waking! I have no idea how she gets him to go back to sleep. Then she gives him another nap at 1 with the rest of the kids so they are all on the same schedule. When he is home with me on the weekends he is up at about 5-5:30 and takes a nap at about 10am. No problem what so ever. This completely explains why he is fighting bedtime! Am I wrong for asking her not to do this??